Discover my experience with mealsharinng .com in Chicago !


     Hello to all my dear readers,

Today I tested for you the website ! This website allows people to share a home-cooked meal :) I was on vacation in the beautiful city of Chicago and I thought it would be nice to test a more modern way of eating and meeting people of Chicago.


So, let's go !




My rewiew :

    I went to discover the cuisine of Hanne. She offers a German-style dinner for 16 $ per guest. Yes, I know what you are going to tell me, eat German food in Chigago this is not very typical but the pictures on the website really made you want to taste it !


    The atmosphere was very friendly, there were Hanne, her husband and four guest who were neighbors. The decoration was in the colors of Germany and the table was well set up ! For 16 $, there was a complete menu:

-Two potatoes soup, one with feta chesse and one with a fruity orang note.

-A fruit and vegetable salad.

-A shoulder beef roast simmered slowly in burgundy wine and balsamic vinegar with noodles.

-And the best for the end, a black forrest cake and a banana cake !

A nice salad to start the dinner

The beef was delicious with a crasy sauce

    The dinner was truly wonderful, with every dish I discovered new flavors. The fruits and vegetables were fresh, the dishes well presented and the meat perfectly cooked ! The sweet and savory mixes were a very good idea, the dinner was generous and well varied. We could see Hanne and her husband prepare the dishes right next to us with a festival of flavors, Hanne has given us all the recipes so that I can do them again in France.


    It was truly a unique and amazing experience, I expected to just eat a dinner and chat a little but in fact it was really much more than that. Hanne was a very friendly and welcoming host. At the end all the guests had become my friends, we had a lot of fun, we talked about cinema and they gave me tips of places to visit in Chicago !


Conclusion :                                                      5/5

    This experience was incredible, I never imagined that it would have happened like that. It was a wonderful dinner but above all it was a meeting with very nice people that I would never have met otherwise ! It was the first time that I was trying and it probably will not be the last time :)


   I advise all of you to try this original way of dining, much more fun than in a traditional restaurant. Again thanks to hanne for his warm welcome and his wonderful kitchen and see you soon !




 (NDA: Cet article est fictif, il a été réalisé dans un cadre scolaire pour un devoir d'Anglais, je ne suis pas propriétaire de ces photos)